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Funny Pictures - April 2009

How Not To Fail At Life

April 27th 2009 05:44
Some great advice for those of us who haven't managed to figure it out yet.
Click on the image below, and the meaning of life will be revealed!

How Not To Fail At Life

*Image source.


Famous Moustaches

April 24th 2009 09:52
The 'stache has been with us since 300BC. It has gone through various stages of popularity throughout history, and recently is making somewhat of a revival. Take a look at the styles and the men who made them famous. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune, see more serious Mo action here.

mustache - Freddie Mercury

moustache - Charlie Chaplin

mustache types - Hulk Hogan Style

moustache types - Daniel Day Lewis

Famous TV Moustaches - My Name is Earl

Cartoon Mustaches - Ned Flanders


Ugly Shoes

April 22nd 2009 09:01
Ugly Shoe - Kayne West Air Yeezys
Air Yeezys designed by Kayne West

Ugly Shoes - BBC Ice Cream Waffle Drips
BBC Ice Cream Waffle Drips designed by Pharrell

Ugly Men's Shoes - Nike Air Pressure
Nike Air Pressure - Tightened with a separate hand pump

ugly footwear - Shox
Nike Shox TL

Ugliest Shoe ever - Adidas Kobe II
Ugliest of them all - Adidas Kobe II

*Image source.

Consumer Warnings

April 20th 2009 08:43
Do-it yourself guide to consumer warnings. Just check one box from each column!

A Found that. Causes. In so just don’t over do it. Study, magazine, paper, survey, case review, government panel, researcher, proctologist, scientific investigation, hospital analysis, dead sea scroll, playboy article. Red meat, coffee, soda, peanuts, texting, tv, driving, bottled water,, sleep, rock music, sunshine, cellphones, UFOs, dancing. Cancer, heart attacks, obesity, impotence, pregnancy, restless leg, zits, snoring, bounced cheques, a bloated feeling, liberalism, teenage angst, wedgies, hangovers, children, adults over 90, women names pam, dobs, 18-34 year olds, Canadians, bald Armenians, cowboys, gen xers, politicians, octomoms, tattooed women, 4 out of 5 dentists, jay leno.

*Image source.

Hilarious Photos of Drunk People

April 17th 2009 06:11
How many times have you seen your friends like this?

drunk pictures - passed out near railing

Drunk passed out pranks - bra & tampons

drunk girl pictures - toilet

drunk picture - fallen out the door

drunken pictures - Boys with beer cans

drunken pranks - covered in flour

*Images sourced from Damn Funny Pictures.

Some People Have All The Luck

April 14th 2009 03:15

Say Hello to the Unemployable

April 13th 2009 05:23
Why Can't I Get a Job?

[ Click here to read more ]

Easter Funnies

April 12th 2009 03:03
Happy Easter Everybody!!

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Gun Gadgets

April 9th 2009 06:56
Thanks to, here are some very creative products and gadgets inspired from guns (mostly pistols and revolvers). Do any of these appeal to you?

[ Click here to read more ]

Why Women Move to Queensland

April 8th 2009 06:41
They grow on trees here!

[ Click here to read more ]


April 6th 2009 01:33
Tourists... not wonder locals get sick of them.

Some people just can't resist a cliché can they?

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Power of An Excavator

April 3rd 2009 07:00
This tower was specifically built to show off the physical power of the excavator!

Yes, apparently these clips of a hydraulic excavator climbing a tower was publicity stunt by Liebherr Hydraulics, to show off the strength of their machines

[ Click here to read more ]

Creative Lego Advertising

April 1st 2009 06:56
As we all know, you can do a lot more with Lego than just make building blocks.
Lego also extend their creativity to advertising as the examples below demonstrate thanks to See more clever Lego ads here.

[ Click here to read more ]

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