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Funny Pictures - October 2009

Office Email Translator

October 30th 2009 06:41
Office Emails: What people say and what they mean.

Office Email Translator - Health Benefits Package

what people say and what they mean. Blue sweatshirt not worth stealing

Office emails. Would you like a drink after work. I would like to have sex with you.

Office birthday. It doesn't matter if you hate Jason. Come along anyway.

Office Fridge. Clean that disgusting piece of shit out of there

*Image source.

Drunken $100,000 Investment Promise

October 28th 2009 01:48
If you agree to invest money that you don't have in a scheme that's bound to fail, whose stupider, the person who offered the money, or the one that asked for it??

Drunken $100,000 investment
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Google Will

October 26th 2009 01:33
What will Google Do?

This gives an intriguing insight into the current human psyche!

Google will take over the world. Not search for chuck Norris, eat itself, eat itself, not load, you marry me, not open, rule the world, not search, kill Microsoft, pay you to work from home

Super-Hero Inspired Cocktails

October 23rd 2009 02:32
Would you like incredible strength, the ability the fly, run at light speed, dodge bullets or leap buildings with a single bound?
You'll be doing all these and more after sampling these mixed drink recipes which look and taste like the comic book heroes that inspired them!
More recipes found at comicalliance here.

superman cocktail recipe
• 1/3 oz. Schnapps, peach
• 1/3 oz. Rum, coconut
• 1/3 oz. Triple Sec
• 1 splash Grenadine
• Fill with Pineapple Juice

Fill glass with ice, add equal parts rum, peach schnapps and triple sec. Fill with pineapple juice, stir. Top with grenadine.

Wonderwoman cocktail drinks
Wonder Woman
• 2 oz. Midori melon liqueur
• 2 oz. Peach schnapps
• 3 oz. Orange juice
• 1 oz. Pineapple juice
• 2 oz. Cranberry juice

Fill hurricane glass with ice. Add ingredients in order listed. Don't stir! Should have three layers; green, orange, and red. Garnish with a cherry.

Wolverine beer cocktail
• 1 beer
• 1 shot lemon rum

Pour shot into glass of beer, drink before your healing factor can reject it.

Incredible Hulk Recipe green cocktail
Incredible Hulk
• 2 oz. Cognac
• 2 ox. Hpnotiq liqueur

Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves.

Spider Man drinking recipe
• 1.0 oz. Cherry Liqueur
• 1.0 oz. Raspberry Liqueur
• 2.0 oz. Tequila • 0.125 packet Pop Rocks

Mix cherry liqueur raspberry liqueur, and Tequila in average sized glass, add pop rocks.


Generation Differences

October 21st 2009 02:19
Maybe modern parents should come up with a new form of punishment!

generation gap. Go to your room. when I was a kid. Kids today
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*image source.


World's Tallest Horse

October 19th 2009 22:15
As reported on the Daily Telegraph this horse named Poe could be the tallest in the world. Poe, who lives in Tupperville, Canada stands 20.2 hands tall at the shoulder and 10 feet tall with his head upright, and weighs 3,000 pounds (1360 kgs). He is pictured here with owner Shereen Thompson.

worlds biggest horse

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A History of Joe Biden Photobombs

October 16th 2009 07:59
Joe Biden says he will be in each meeting that Barack Obama holds and be a part of every single decision. Did you have any idea on how serious he was? Well now you do!

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Funny Protest Signs

October 14th 2009 07:30
Protest signs don't need to be serious all the time, why not use a little humour to get your point across! The Huffington Post presents The Funniest Protest Signs of 2009!

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Weird Museums

October 12th 2009 02:21
Every city has a museum or two, with some such as Paris, London, New York or Washington having world famous displays. However if you want to get away from the mainstream there are some unusual smaller museums hiding in various parts of the world. Thanks to the Woman's Day, here are the strangest museums on the planet. See the full list here.

Bad Art Museum
Museum of Bad Art
Judging artwork is such a subjective thing that, in fairness, we aren’t going to say that the art featured at the Museum of Bad Art is awful. Instead, we’ll say the pieces aren’t likely to be displayed anywhere else (especially since some of the works were “acquired” from trash cans). With two gallery locations in Massachusetts—one at the Dedham Community Theatre and the other at the Somerville Theater—the museum showcases paintings and sculptures that fall into tongue-in-cheek categories like “In the Nood,” “Unlikely Landscapes” and “Here the Symbols Crash.” The museum’s admission is free and its motto remains “Art too bad to be ignored

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New Modern Stadium Designs

October 9th 2009 03:11
Some sporting arenas were built long ago and carry with them the traditions of the city in which they reside. However, recently new modern stadiums have been constructed which showcase the progressiveness of the area and its people. Thanks to, here are some very aesthetically pleasing stadiums built in recent times.

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October 7th 2009 02:59
Adolescence is one continuous learning curve of new experiences, both god and bad. Never before have the highs and lows of this period in our lives been so elegantly displayed as in the infographic below.

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If Video Games Were Realistic

October 5th 2009 02:23

Worst Wax Figures

October 2nd 2009 07:30
Madame Tussaud turned wax figures and sculptures into a fine art. At Madame Tussaud's museums today you can find celebrity wax figures so realistic they can't be separated from the originals!
Unfortunately however not all wag figures are created equal. See below some sculptures that turned out not quite right...

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