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Police Dog In Action!

September 26th 2011 03:07

police dog in action


Big Dog

August 24th 2011 02:35
I'm unable to determine the exact size or breed of this dog, but you'll have to admit, that is one giant pooch!!

biggest dog

When A Safari Goes Wrong

August 8th 2011 05:36
Car squashed by elephant

When in Africa beware, elephants get itchy tummies and your car might provide the scratch!

Cat Petting Dog

August 3rd 2011 03:32
What would happen if a cat ever decided to pat a dog?

The answer is revealed below!

Click here to see the original version of the gif.

cat petting dog reaction patting

When Birds Attack

June 20th 2011 04:01
Alfred Hitchcock's famous film "The Birds" was about a community which suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and violent bird attacks over the course of a few days.

Thanks to Banned in Hollywood, here are bird attacks in real life! Click here for the full set of 30 pics.

pigeons attacking child

bird stealing ice cream

when birds attack hat thief

birds stealing food

bird poop attack


Sleeping Animals

March 21st 2011 01:29
Animals need their sleep as much as we do!
What is it about sleep which makes all creatures look so cute?
Below are some adorable photos of various animals taking a nap

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

January 10th 2011 01:16

Unusual Animals of South America

January 3rd 2011 01:05
As reported on Tree Hugger, Canadian photographer Daniel Fox and his partner Jasmine Rossi have travelled extensively through South and Central America.
The result of these travels has been some amazing close-ups of the rare and unusual animals native to the region.
Below are a few of Daniel's pictures, view the full set here
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Animals Sleeping

December 27th 2010 02:19

Forbidden Lovers

November 12th 2010 01:46
forbidden lovers. Cat and dog caught

Ugliest Animals On The Planet

October 13th 2010 01:42
As the Mother Nature Network points out, nature isn't always kind to animals. Every animal plays an important role on our planet, but some have surely been beaten with the ugly stick.
Here are some contenders for Ugliest Animal on the Planet. View the full list here.

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Pets On TV & Movies

October 11th 2010 01:04
Animals are commonly used in films and TV shows. Normally they add a little warmth or humour to the show.
However, occasionally an onscreen animal will outshine its human counterparts.
This article on Woman's Day takes a look and 10 show stealing pets. Below is a sample

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World Record Size Piranha

October 4th 2010 01:36
One reason why I have no desire to go for a swim in Guyana!!!

Largest Pirahna Ever Caught

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Tigers In America

September 3rd 2010 05:44
As reported on NewsWeek, Americans have an obsession with tigers!

It is estimated estimates that up to 12,000 tigers are being kept as private pets in the USA, significantly more than the world's entire wild population of about 3000. 4,000 are believed to be in captivity in Texas alone

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