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Tattoo Locations

September 23rd 2009 02:36
Deciding to have a tattoo and choosing what that tat will are important choices. This is because a tattoo will say a lot about their owner for as long as they shall live. What many people don’t realise however, is that where your tattoo is placed can say just as much!

Tattoo Locations. I will never have a job that pays taxes. I actually cost taxes, you know with prison and all. Socially acceptable rebellious tattoo zone. Warning chance of dragons, wings. Yes, buying me a drink will totally work. It is only when drunk that I discovered my friends are assholes. Danger: Tattoos here will become humiliating faster. People always want to show their tattoos off. Draw your own conclusions. Cute little princess.

*Image source.

Love is Everywhere

September 11th 2009 03:58
Love is the most important of human emotions, you can feel it everywhere you go, and thanks to a few street artists it can be seen everywhere too!

never STOP loving sign

Caution do not lean on door. Do not fall in love.

Domestic Waste - No Love

Love Lane. Speed humps
Love has its ups and downs.

Love for sale sign

Forget love. I'd rather fall in chocolate.

*Images sourced from here.


August 24th 2009 02:53
Carhenge, Nebraska

Located in southern England, Stonehenge is a circular arrangement of earthworks and massive stones thought to date from about 2000-3000 BC. The site's actual use or purpose is not known, although it was probably built for rituals and observing the sun and heavens.
Carhenge structure

Such is the fascination of the monolithic structure with modern day humans, artist Jim Reinders has re-invented Stonehenge with scrap vehicles. The structure lives in Alliance, Nebraska and it also attracts thousands of enchanted visitors each year.
Carhenge sculpture

The images of Carhenge in today's post were sourced from here.
car stonehenge

stone henge from cars

Honest Beer Advertising

July 3rd 2009 07:13

belgian girl tattoo stars
Scarred from life: Kimberley Vlaminck shows her tattooed face. The 56 stars will cost G8,500 to remove

As reported around the word, this report from the Daily Mail tells of how tattooist Rouslan Toumaniantz says that 18 year-old Belgian girl Kimberley Vlaminck 'absolutely' agreed she wanted 56 stars tattooed on the left side of her face. However, Kimberly is suiing the tattooist cliaming that she wanted 3 stars only.
Teenage girl, tattoo 56 stars.
A distraught Kimberley Vlaeminck speaks on her mobile phone at home in Belgium today - the 56 tattoos still healing across her face

The procedure cost only G55, but laser surgery to remove the stars will be more like G8,500. Toumaniantz has thus far agreed to pay half the cost of removal, but Kimberley is suing him for the full cost plus damages as the surgery will leave permanent white marks on her face.
star tattoos for Belgium teenage girl

Kimberly says the mistake was made because she conversed with Toumaniantz in French and English, both languages of which he knows little. She fell asleep during the procedure, awaking to a nightmare of 53 stars too many.
However according to Toumaniantz, Kimberly knew exactly what was going on during the procedure, even looking in the mirror. The trouble only started when she got home and her boyfriend and father threw a fit.
Tattooist Rouslan Toumaniantz. Belgium
Rouslan Toumaniantz, who runs the tattoo parlour

Tattoo Parlour in Belgium
Rouslan Toumaniantz's tattoo parlour in Courtrai, Belgium


June 8th 2009 02:21
Today’s post has some really cool images of pirates. Some evil and some not so, some ugly and some not so, some traditional and others….well see for yourself.
These images and many more can be found on here.

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What is Graphic Design?

May 27th 2009 11:51
Can you define design?

Let me try:

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Album Covers

May 20th 2009 08:15
Here are the best of the worst album covers that you will ever see.

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Awesome Superhero Artwork

May 18th 2009 07:49
Those who currently read comic books or use to as a kid will appreciate the fact there are many very talented comic artists out there. Here are some inspiring pictures from some of the best artists around. These images were sourced from and many more brilliant works can be seen here.

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Creative Lego Advertising

April 1st 2009 06:56
As we all know, you can do a lot more with Lego than just make building blocks.
Lego also extend their creativity to advertising as the examples below demonstrate thanks to See more clever Lego ads here.

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Modern Shower Heads

March 20th 2009 09:34
Thanks to, here are some clever and creative modern shower heads. If you're impressed by these trendy designs, find more here.

Modern Shower heads
Tosca Oasis Shower Panels

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Poor Ad Placements

February 20th 2009 05:37

Japanese Manhole Covers

February 13th 2009 06:35
In Japan they don't like anything to be boring, even manhole covers. Check out this collection of designs from around the country.

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This has got to be a contender for businessman of the year!

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