Most Expensive Food & Drink In The World

As reported on the Dallas Observer, here are the Top 5 Most Expensive Things To Eat or Drink. Click the link below to read the full article.


Kona Nigari

Kona Nigari water bottled by Hawaii Deep Marine Inc. is sucked up from 2,000 feet below the sea off the coast of the big Island in Hawaii. The mineral-rich desalinated seawater is sold desalinated to the Japanese for a retail price of $33.50 for a 2-ounce bottle.


Almas Caviar

Almas Caviar is sold in a 35-ounce portion tucked away in a solid gold container with a whopping price tag of $11,000. The caviar is considered the rarest on the market and is sourced from Iranian albino osetra sturgeon.


Slice of Toast

In 1994, Florida woman Diane Duyser was biting into a grilled cheese when she saw the image of the Virgin Mary emblazoned on the inside crumb. She kept the sandwich — which allegedly didn’t spoil, so it was obviously Wonder Bread and Velveeta — for 10 years before selling it to Canadian casino for $28,000.


Carlsberg Jacobsen Brewhouse                 Vintage Number 2

Carlsberg Jacobsen Brewhouse Vintage Number 2 is sold for a whopping $317 per bottle. The brewery uses a special peat-smoked malt from Scotland that lends a smokey chocolate flavor and is stored in French oak casks for 100 days. The midnight black beer is limited to 600 bottles.

Golden Ticket

Lottery Ticket

In February, a passenger on Dublin-based Ryanair enjoyed an expensive meal during his flight from Poland to the United Kingdom, but instead of choosing the chicken salad or ham and cheese, this brilliant passenger ate a lottery ticket worth about $12,600. After purchasing the lottery ticket in-flight, he discovered the scratch-off was a winner, the flight attendants had no way to pay off the claim immediately. Angered by the delay, the unnamed passenger chose to eat the ticket.


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