Adding Some Humor to Your Walls With Funny Posters

Humor is one of the most important elements of modern interior design. Humorous items of interior design are normally well received by people of all ages and walks of life. A common way to bring humor into the home is by using funny posters. They can be put up on the wall in your home, office or workshop to bring a relaxed and funny vybe. They make you smile or laugh as you work. This helps to relieve the tension brought about by professional or domestic obligations. Funny posters energize you in seconds and help you to see your life and circumstances in a positive light.

How to Add Humor and Fun to Your Walls

Here is how to add some humor to your walls with funny posters.

Consider the size of the wall as you pick a poster

Funny wall posters in Australia come in literally all sizes. Therefore, you can get small ones or large ones. For a perfect fit, you should choose a poster size that complements the area of wall where you are placing it. A small funny poster should be placed on a small wall area. The same principle works for large wall areas too.

Funny Bedroom and Bathroom Poster

Coordinate the colors

For an artistic feel, your funny posters should be in the same color family as the rest of your room. The colors used in the posters should coordinate with some of those on the wall, the furniture or the upholstery. They do not necessarily have to match. However, they should all be in the same color family. This makes the posters artistic additions to your rooms.

To frame or not to frame

Funny posters don’t often need a frame. They are supposed to be funny and out of the box. Hence, framing them takes away from their charm. However, if the poster actually is an artistic masterpiece that’s funny, it deserves a frame. Ensure that the frame complements the wall behind it and the poster at the same time. Wooden frames which are painted or simply varnished do an excellent job.


Funny posters remind us not to take life too serious. They provide joy amid sadness and comic relief in tense moments of life. The guidelines above can help you to pick out funny pictures for your home. They are effective and guaranteed to give the best results.

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