America’s Most Haunted Hotels

As reported on Like/Me Daily, there are various hotels across the USA whose main drawcard are former guests that have decided to spend their time in the afterlife walking the halls. Below are some such hotels with their stories.

Haunted Hotel

Hotel del Coronado. San Diego, CA

A beautiful hotel with a classic and enduring ghost story: a woman named Kate Morgan checked into the hotel under an assumed name, and planned to meet her husband, a doctor, who intended to give her medicine for her stomach cancer. She was found dead on the steps leading to the ocean, shot to death. It was ruled a suicide, but was it? Whoever shot her, it’s Kate Morgan who’s decided never to leave the Hotel. She’s become almost as much a draw as the hotel itself.

Hotel Stanley

The Stanley. Estes Park, CO

There’s a reason that Stephen King based his book The Shining on this hotel — because it’s seriously frikkin’ haunted. No, there’s no “red-rum” room, but there are ghostly children playing on the 4th floor, someone playing the piano in the ballroom when no one is there, and a spirit-thief who appears at the bedsides of guests, and sometimes steals their jewellery and other valuables. Of course, that last one might just be housekeeping.

Adams Hotel

Hay-Adams Hotel. Washington D.C

With all apologies to Casper, ghosts aren’t generally thought of as friendly. But the Hay-Adams Hotel ghost really sort of is, since one of the things that the spirit has been known to do is hug people. The ghost is thought to be that of Clover Adams, a woman who lived in one of the mansions that once made up the hotel, and committed suicide — or was murdered. Either way, she’s still around. And possibly looking for a hug.

Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress. Tucson, AZ

The Hotel Congress is a legendary hotel in Tucson, most notable for being the place where John Dillinger stayed for a time, and he and his gang were apprehended. But it’s also where a man in a pinstriped suit stares out of a second-story window, and where a woman in room 242 shot herself and still lingers.

Al Capone

Congress Plaza Hotel. Chicago

None other than Al Capone used to use this famous Chicago hotel as headquarters — and he just might be one of the folks who refuse to leave. Maybe he’s one of the partiers in the ballroom downstairs who are heard to be celebrating yet again. Or maybe he’s that shadow looming in the secret passageways Capone had dug under the hotel, for quick getaways. Makes you wonder just who’s still wearing concrete shoes out there in Lake Michigan.

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