Knight XV Gurkha Armoured Vehicle

Armet Armored Vehicles Gurkha is an armoured military vehicle built by Ontario-based Armet Armored Vehicles Incorporated. The 4 X 4 wheeled light armoured vehicle (LAV) and is based on the larger Armet Armored Vehicles Balkan Mk3 armored truck on a Ford F550 chassis. An optional turret is available for both the Balkan Mk3 and the Gurkha.

Balkan – an armoured light truck (F550 chassis) with armour
Balkan Mark 3 – same as the original Balkan with some minor upgrades
Balkan Mark 4 – upgraded version of Mk3 with roof turret
Kestrel Peacekeeper – upgraded Gurkha without turret

Knight-XV – civilian variant by Toronto-based Conquest Vehicle Incorporated (manufactured in Markham, Ontario)

The vehicle has been sold for use by:
• United States Army
• Russian Foreign Ministry
• various American police SWAT teams
• Canadian Forces – product development[citation needed]
• Toronto Police Service

The Gurkha appeared in the 2011 film Fast Five.


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