Men or Women: Who are the Better Drivers?

male vs female drivers

Which sex is the better driver and why?

They’ve gathered the facts around driving performance and attitudes including:

Numbers killed in auto crashes by gender
Crash rates per driver age and gender
Impact of alcohol
Insurance costs
Traffic offences
Do men or women think they’re better drivers?

Violations Ratio
Men scored higher than women:

Reckless driving, 3.41 to 1
DUI, 3.09 to 1
Seat belt violation, 3.08 to 1
Speeding, 1.75 to 1
Failure to yield, 1.54 to 1
Signal Violation, 1.53 to 1

Fatal passenger vehicle crash involvements
Per miles travelled, men were involved in fatal crashes at a rate of 2.5, compared to women at 1.7

Driving under the influence (DUI)
Males drive drunk more often than females, with .61% male drivers receiving a DUI compared to .16% female.

Women versus Men

30% of women have driven drunk compared to 55% of men
38% of women have rudely gestured other drivers compared to 47% of men
77% of women have crashed their vehicle compared to 84% of men

40% of women have been distracted by billboards while driving compared to 51% of men
36% of women have admitted to verbally abusing another driver compared to 46% of men
15% of women have used their phone without a hands free accessory compared to 22% of men

What does the other sex think?
84% of women think gender does not play a role in driving skill, while 8% believe women are better drivers. Conversely, 57% of men think gender does not play a role in driving skill, while 40% believe men are better drivers

Are Men or women better drivers?
Our sources conclude that women are better drivers than men for the following reasons:

Males break more traffic laws and drive more dangerously than women
Males are at least 50% more likely to be cited for reckless driving, seat belt violations, speeding, failure to yield and stop sign violations
Males cause more accidents and expensive damage
Males drive drunk more often than females
Males have much higher numbers of car crashes than females
Males commit more offences than women
Males pay higher insurance premiums
Females have fewer traffic violations

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