Unusual Animals of South America

As reported on Tree Hugger, Canadian photographer Daniel Fox and his partner Jasmine Rossi have travelled extensively through South and Central America.
The result of these travels has been some amazing close-ups of the rare and unusual animals native to the region.
Below are a few of Daniel’s pictures, view the full set here.

Rare Animal Capybaras



Rare Animal Viscacha

The Viscacha

Another rodent, similar to chinchillas: the viscacha, which is considered by some ranchers a pest because it clears grazing.
There are five species of viscacha spread out across South America, including Argentina, Ecuador and Peru.

Rare Animal Agouti


Another unusual rodent, the agouti, is related to guinea pigs. They measure about 20 inches and their natural habitats are rain-forests and savannas.

Amusing fact: They are regarded as the only species that can open Brazil nuts without tools, thanks to their exceptionally sharp teeth and strength.

Rare Animal Tapir


This tapir was caught in action strolling around in the middle of the night, not weird considering its nocturnal and crepuscular nature.
Native to South and Central America and Southeast Asia, tapirs are the only survivals of the tapiridae family, and all their four species are considered endangered.

Rare Animal Coatis


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