Pets On TV & Movies

Animals are commonly used in films and TV shows. Normally they add a little warmth or humour to the show.
However, occasionally an onscreen animal will outshine its human counterparts.
An article on Woman’s Day takes a look and 10 show stealing pets. Below is a sample.
Eddie on TV

Eddie – Frasier

He may not be able to walk and talk like some of the other pups on this list, but Eddie certainly has a perspective all his own –and often is the key to the comedy when Dr. Frasier Crane and his brother Dr. Niles Crane were being their oh-so-serious selves. In fact, it’s when the sitcom showed a scene from Eddie’s perspective that many of us realized just how crazy humans must seem to our dogs.

Mr. Jinx on TV

Mr. Jinx – Meet the Parents

Despite all the hilarious missteps and mistakes that happen when Greg goes to a family wedding to meet his girlfriend Pam’s parents –or more specifically, her ex-CIA pet-loving father, Jack– it’s the cat that most people remember from this movie. Mr. Jinx, the Himalayan who’s been trained to use a toilet, among other amazing feats, doesn�t have a line on the film, but still managed to make it onto one version of the DVD’s cover.

Toto on TV

Toto – The Wizard of Oz

Before Dorothy found herself in Oz, she ran away from home with her beloved dog, Toto, who was supposed to be put down after he bit her (very unlikable) neighbour Almira Gulch. But once the tornado hits, Toto is swept up with Dorothy, and thank goodness! If not for that, we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic movie quotes in the history of cinema: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Baxter on TV

Baxter – Anchorman

TV anchorman Ron Burgundy has a serious bond with his dog Baxter, so much so that his life spirals out of control when Baxter is punted off a bridge after Burgundy and a biker get into a roadside brawl. Luckily his pup returns to save the day (and the movie’s ending) when Burgundy and his leading lady get into trouble with a bear at the zoo.

Brian Griffin on TV

Brian Griffin – Family Guy

    It’s safe to say many of your chuckles during this animated sitcom are probably over the family dog, Brian. Generally much more intelligent than the rest of the Griffin clan, Brian doesn’t just walk, talk and act like a human, he leads an entirely separate life outside the house, sipping martinis, dating beautiful women and driving around in a car.

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