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July 30th 2015 05:44
smoke turkey drumsticks, chicken wings, cow feet, something, fresh port, pig feet, pig tail, frozen fish
The cow something is to die for!


Dumbest Warning Labels

April 18th 2011 01:21
The annual Wacky Warning Label contest challenges Americans to find the most ridiculous warning labels in the country, as reported on Forbes. (link above)
strange warning labels

This years winner was The Jabra Drive 'N' Talk which is a Bluetooth speakerphone accessory for cellphones to be used in the car. The Drive 'N' Talk carries this contradictory warning label: "Never operate your speakerphone while driving."

Below are some other honourable mentions!

stupid product labels
This product may contain nuts.
Often found on bags of peanuts, including those made by Sainbury, as well as on those yellow bags of Peanut M&Ms. All of which makes you wonder what some conspiracy theorists think they're buying.

sleeping pill drowsiness label
May cause drowsiness - sleeping pills

Let's hope, for GlaxoSmithKline's sake, the warning rings true.

chainsaw warning label, don't hold the wrong end
Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw.
Many chainsaws bear this digit-saver, in sticker form, right on their sides.

Dumbest labels
Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level.
This little ditty can be found on gas caps for personal recreational vehicles such as jet skis and ATVs.

Strange and Bizarre Plants

December 6th 2010 03:38
As reported on GardenWise Online, plants have evolved many strange features in order to survive in our harsh and ever-changing world.
Occasionally these features make them same unusual to human observers, but they are actually clever and useful adaptations.

Here are some weird plants that have adapted in extraordinary ways for survival. Click here to read more.

weird plantlife
Amazon waterlily
This is a supersized version of the common and familiar waterlily (Nymphaea). Each leaf can reach 2 m (6½ ft.) across and has a vertical rim up to several centimetres high. They evolved in deep-water parts of the Amazon River. These hefty leaves require strong engineering – one good look at their undersides gives their secret away. A sturdy structure of ribs and cross-ribs keep these monstrous green pads afloat in strong currents.

strange plants
Dutchman's pipe vine

Dutchman's pipe vine is the common name for a genus (Aristolochia; pictured) that sports bizarrely shaped flowers resembling old-fashioned Dutch meerschaum pipes. These floral marvels hold a special appeal for tiny flies and gnats, for they have the ability to warm up and release an aroma of decomposing meat. Curious, their insect visitors climb into the mouth of the flower, searching for a meal. It's then a slippery slide into the swollen base of the flower, but their exit is blocked by backward-facing hairs. The insects' unwitting role is to pollinate the flower, and once this has happened, the hairs wither, making escape possible!

meat plants
Skunk cabbages

Since flies are often on the hunt for rotten meat, many species of plants are able to pump out eau de carrion. Members of the Arum Family, such as skunk cabbages (pictured), are well known for this feat, as is their relative, the dragon arum, Dracunculus. It also has glistening red flowers that could pass for a steak if you were missing your glasses on a dark night!

carnivorous plants
Meat eaters

Man-eating plants are strictly imaginary – but hundreds of species of plants do digest insects and other small organisms to supplement their nutrient intakes. Amazingly, this propensity seems to have evolved independently in about five different instances. Most carnivorous plants evolved in water-logged soils that lack the bacteria necessary to take nitrogen gas out of the air and turn it into a form that the plants can then take up. Nitrogen is an essential component in proteins and DNA, so without it life doesn't go on.

Carnivorous plants trap insects in "pitfall" traps or sticky traps. Once a victim has been captured, the plant excretes digestive enzymes similar to those produced in your own small intestine. The prey's amino acids are absorbed by the plant to supplement its nutritional demands. Making the required pitfall pitchers, sticky sundews and snap-shut flytraps costs a "carnie" a huge energy expenditure – that's why you find them only where there is plenty of sunlight to drive all the expensive machinery!

crazy plants
Cyclamen repandum

Cyclamen repandum (pictured) is native to Europe, where it is most often found in shade or part shade, nestled into the roots of deciduous trees or pines. A challenge faced by all plants, since they are not mobile, is how to extend their range. This is often done by producing seeds that catch a breeze and sail off from the parent plant.

Since seed dispersal by wind is not an option on the sheltered forest floor, Cyclamen species enlist the help of their insect neighbours. Ripe Cyclamen seeds are covered with a sticky sugary coating. Ants seek out the seed and carry it back to their nests. Along the way, however, they always drop a few, and these eventually germinate and grow into new clumps of Cyclamen.


UFO Sensations

August 13th 2010 05:02
Here are some of the top UFO incidents from our time in art, popular culture and maybe even real life.
These pictures and information sourced from this article at the Global Post.

Area 51 warning sign
A warning sign marks the boundary of Area 51, March 12, 2000, in Rachel, Nevada.

Roswell. Alien autopsy
Visitors look at a model depicting the 1947 Alien Autopsy in Roswell, New Mexico, during the 'The Science of Aliens' exhibition.

Orson Welles. War of the Worlds
amous film actor and director Orson Welles answers journalists after causing panic throughout the United States with his radio broadcast 'War of the Worlds,' Oct. 30, 1938.

Devil's Marbles, UFO sightings
The Devil's Marbles, a rock formation near Wycliffie Wellin Australia that UFO spotters believe has regularly been visited by extraterrestrials.


Mutant Cars

May 7th 2010 02:46

The Unexplainable

April 12th 2010 23:56
Can you explain these pictures?
I certainly can't!
View more of the unexplainable here.

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Funniest Headlines of the Year

January 13th 2010 22:34
BuzzFeed has put together a hilarious post with all the best headlines of the year gone by. Whether they are unintentional puns, overly obvious or just hard to believe, they're all there. Below is a selection and you can view the full list of 50 crazy headlines here.

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Weird Museums

October 12th 2009 02:21
Every city has a museum or two, with some such as Paris, London, New York or Washington having world famous displays. However if you want to get away from the mainstream there are some unusual smaller museums hiding in various parts of the world. Thanks to the Woman's Day, here are the strangest museums on the planet. See the full list here.

Bad Art Museum
Museum of Bad Art
Judging artwork is such a subjective thing that, in fairness, we aren’t going to say that the art featured at the Museum of Bad Art is awful. Instead, we’ll say the pieces aren’t likely to be displayed anywhere else (especially since some of the works were “acquired” from trash cans). With two gallery locations in Massachusetts—one at the Dedham Community Theatre and the other at the Somerville Theater—the museum showcases paintings and sculptures that fall into tongue-in-cheek categories like “In the Nood,” “Unlikely Landscapes” and “Here the Symbols Crash.” The museum’s admission is free and its motto remains “Art too bad to be ignored

[ Click here to read more ]

Explain This

August 7th 2009 03:35
There are some images circulating the web which just make you say WTF?
See if you can clarify these pictures!

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Funny Toilet Signs

July 31st 2009 08:39

Funny Bathroom Sign

June 10th 2009 02:43
Do you have trouble remembering how to use a toilet properly?
Print off the graphic below and keep this handy guide.
With it you will never go wrong again!

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Creative Bed Designs

May 22nd 2009 08:46
We spend about 8 hours a day in them, yet our beds are generally slightly monotonous and bland. Here are a few innovative designs to allow you a good night’s sleep in something a little different!

bed sales and designs

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Consumer Warnings

April 20th 2009 08:43
Do-it yourself guide to consumer warnings. Just check one box from each column!

[ Click here to read more ]

Gun Gadgets

April 9th 2009 06:56
Thanks to, here are some very creative products and gadgets inspired from guns (mostly pistols and revolvers). Do any of these appeal to you?

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