The Best Wii Games

Gamepro put together this list of the top 28 games currently available for the Wii.
Here are the Top 5!

Sports Resort

#5. Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort

For about a week, screams of childish excitement would frequently penetrate the walls of GamePro HQ at ungodly hours of the morning. Without having to say a word, the rest of us knew that Wii Sports was back in town. Building off the addictively engaging style of the record breaking, industry-changing Wii Sports, Nintendo’s beachside sequel introduced a ton of new activities for gamers to try, including swordplay, archery and table tennis. Precise control also played a key point in Wii Sports Resort, as Nintendo packaged the game with Wii MotionPlus technology, which took a lot of guesswork out of the gameplay. Whether you’re playing Wii Sports or its worthy sequel, you’re enjoying the purest Wii workout you’ll ever get.

Resident Evil

#4. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Many people considered Resident Evil 4 to be a perfect game when it was released on the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2005. When the Wii Edition released two years later, gamers everywhere were raving about the improved control scheme, courtesy of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Fighting off hordes of Las Plagas was more intense than before, especially since every time you trembled, your aim did too. Sure, RE4 came out on two platforms before the Wii, but for diehard horror-survival fans in search of the ultimate Resident Evil 4 experience, they should look no further than the Wii Edition, which was more intense due to the aiming/shooting/stabbing mechanics that graced Nintendo’s gusty little console.

Super Mario

#3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Looking at New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a cynic would just call this title just a port of New Super Mario Bros. DS slapped into a Wii disc. Not only is such a statement 100 percent incorrect, it’s also completely short-sighted of the charm, ingenuity and nostalgic feel that this multiplayer madness can bring to a crowded room. No matter how many times we see it, the story is still winner: Princess Peach is kidnapped for the umpteenth time by Bowser, no surprises there. But this time, Mario and Luigi have to deal with both the Koopa Kids and Bowser Jr., along with some of the most challenging platforming levels you’ll see in any Wii game. What compounds the whole thing is playing with our friends, as you can either help or hinder your pals in Coin Battle mode, or just play through the main game, fighting over Fire Flowers. Your best friend will become your worst nightmare.

Twilight Princess

#2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda franchise is so revered that anything less than an instant classic would have been seen as a failure. Thankfully, Twilight Princess lives up to the high bar set by previous titles. It’s an absolutely stunning game, with gorgeous graphics, clever level designs and a great dose of action. What makes Twilight Princess even more noteworthy is that it opens up a brand new chapter of the series in terms of potential; just imagine what the next Zelda title, completely designed with the Wii in mind, will look and play like.

Super Mario Galaxy

#1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

While visually identical to its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is actually a very different title, both in content, structure, and gameplay. Even the formula is similar — Bowser, King of the Koopas, invades the Mushroom Kingdom for the umpteenth time and kidnaps Princess Peach. Mario, initially helpless to do anything, gives chase as his archenemy flees into outer space, leading into a long journey across various worlds and planets. True to the “Galaxy” moniker, Super Mario Galaxy 2’s gameplay is largely founded on gravity, or rather, the manipulation of it. Depending on the size of a planet, Mario can jump far enough to break orbit, and in some case, use gravitational pulls to solve tricky puzzles.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 also brings new power-ups to the familiar gameplay, including standouts like the Rock Mushroom and the Cloud Flower, just a couple mechanics that greatly expand the Mustachioed Marvel’s natural talents. As if that wasn’t enough of a change-up, Yoshi also tags along for the ride, packing his own bag of tricks. Even though the graphics look the same, all these elements and more make Super Mario Galaxy 2 a worthy sequel, if not an outright better title than the first, and definitely one of the best Wii games — period.

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